LIfe is beautiful. We are given a front row seat for observing and enjoying every moment of it. As a photographer, I have been given the opportunity to record and interpret that beauty, whether it is made by the hand of God or a mortal human.

With undergraduate degrees in both marketing (B.S., Arizona State University) and photography (B.A., Brooks Institute), I approach the making of an image for client as a problem-solving exercise, a collaboration between my client and me. What are we trying to sell, and how can I make it most appealing to the buyer? In the past nine years, that philosophy has driven the production of DesignLens (www.designlens.com), a design-driven web site for developers, architects and interior designers that strives to keep the bar raised in the homebuiliding industry.

It's when I'm shooting for myself, though, that I can embrace the passions, other than family and faith, that I have nurtured as a Southern California native: architecture, automobiles, and the ocean. Although architecture has been the primary focus of my professional shooting, I still thrill in finding an historic neighborhood, or even a single doorway that exemplifies the style and grace of an earlier era. The sculptural qualities of both contemporary and vintage exotic sports and race cars stimulate the same emotion. And years of surfing and sailing have instilled a love and respect for the vast power and beauty of the ocean. But it is the magic of Photoshop that has enabled me to express these images in a manner influenced by a long-time love for and study of the French impressionists and early-California plein-air painters.

Do what you like, like what you do...